Ancients of Light

Ancients of Light

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fabulous Authors, Fabulously Priced…just for You!

I found this amazing group of Indie authors – Indie Romance Ink - through my good author friend, Genevieve Jourdin.  Their sole purpose – to support other Indies and help one another collectively.  In a highly competitive, flooded market, we have NYT Bestsellers, USA Today Bestsellers and award winning authors taking time to teach those of us that aspire to earn those same accolades. 

Good people doing good things to help mentor others along in their industry.  Shouldn’t there bit a little more of that in the world? 

So we are having a sale – together – to introduce our fans to other Indie authors and share the love. I have invited my friends from Indie Romance Ink to post comments below with blurbs about their books that are featured in the sale, so please browse through the comments and feel free to leave some as well if you would like.  You know I love to hear from you!

Go to Book Lovers' Buffet. There are category pages for various genres.  There is also a link to enter the contest (it is easy, just click click click) to win some EPIC gift card prizes – all brought to you by the fabulous authors at Indie Romance Ink – you love them already, right?

Besides the fact that this is a great opportunity to stock your eReader full of awesome books at amazing prices, I am personally asking you to take some of your time to support them – because they are good authors and good people.  It’s a  Win – Win!  Please support these Indies. 

The sale runs through tomorrow (May 3rd). 

Thanks Peeps, for your ongoing support.  XO

Ancients of Light