Ancients of Light

Ancients of Light

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fallen, Book 5, Ancients of Light - Release Date

I knew knew knew this was coming, but I’ve been playing the avoidance game as well as any of my Realm ladies. The only thing that I didn’t know was the ‘when’ and now I do, so I can advise you all as well.

Any of you that follow the Ancients on Facebook likely know that my life on a personal front has been more than chaotic – for reasons I have cited (career, kids, selling home, moving) and for reasons I have not. There has been much lost sleep, an inordinate amount of stress and very little time spent in the Realm. That created more stress, because the Realm and its crazy females are therapy for me -  a soothing escape where I can check out and pretty much ram a sword through anything or anyone that I find particularly problematic. 

Were I endowed with Kat’s magic during the last few months, the old Scurvy Palace would likely have gone “poof” into another dimension.  On a good day.  On a few of the worse days, I would likely have chanted Bibbity, Bobbity, BOOM and imploded that place… and my work laptop… probably a few contrary people… the dog that ate my sofa... 

I lost almost three months worth of editing time this spring. It was a disaster. Fallen should have been on your kindle in the next two weeks if I’d been able to follow the very detailed editing plan I’d set out for myself back in February.  

By the 5th book, you would have think I might have figured out this truth - I am not super-human and if I try to be, I make myself insane. 

NOTE TO SELF:  I have no superpowers. Kat does. Leave all amazing feats to Kat and crew.

My editing time evaporated. My process is that I write the book, and then I rewrite/edit the book, and then I rewrite/edit the book again, and then I send it to Kathy and let her polish it sparkly.  I am finishing up Round 1 rewrite/edits. I could publish a poorly written story (by skipping Round 2) and be done with it, but I won’t.  Maeve deserves the story that you have all been waiting for all these months.  That is what she will get, and that is what I will publish.  I have conferred with my amazing editor to nail down a timeline. I can tell you today that Fallen will be released on September 30, 2015.

 I apologize for the delay.  Sincerely.  Barring any major catastrophes, my life is pretty settled now.  We are in the new Scurvy Palace (Scurvy Palace 2.0), we should finalize the sale of the old house within the next month, the family is happy, healthy, and settled, and life is once again manageable.

The good news is that Marcus and Elyssa are chattering up a storm (yes, you get Marcus and a female that is entirely new to you and the Realm in Book #6.  If I can get the editing done quickly enough on Fallen, you might get a preview of them at the end of it).  I also have a good foundation already written for Book #6 and it will probably not be the 600 or 700 page endeavor that Mistaken and Fallen both have been.  That means I’ll should be back to a normal publication schedule – I expect to publish #6 within 8 to 10 months after Fallen is released (if not earlier).

Thanks again for sticking with me and I apologize again for the disappointment.  I am hoping you will find Maeve worth the wait.  You can let me know in September.  If you have questions in the meantime, always feel free to drop me a note through the website or on the Ancients Facebook page. I am always happy to chat about the Realm.


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