Ancients of Light

Ancients of Light

Friday, September 6, 2013

Broken, Ancients of Light #3

Wow! What a journey Broken was!

This was a different experience from Chosen and Forsaken, as both of those were written during the time I was downsized and off work in 2012 over the course of 6 months. The editing on Forsaken was completed after I started working again, but the manuscript was finalized in very early 2012. With Broken I worked full-time while writing and editing the entire book.  For some reason I had this crazy idea that I needed to release three books my first year as an author and completed Broken from first word to publication in 6 months. My husband and children should rightfully disown me. 

At times I set unreasonable goals...oops.  Holy Cow - Insanity! Broken would NOT have been completed so quickly if not for my amazing Beta-readers (Bec, Debbie, Lorna, Laura). My amazing husband (D.A.), took one for all the Realmsters and spent the last three weekends before publication entering edits from my horrible-chicken-scratch-written-notes on the print version of the manuscript. He even breezed through the mushy scenes and the sex   (For some reason I feel the need to whisper that around him when it pertains to my books and I was mortified that he was editing those scenes - I am a total dork, yes.).

Broken is @129,000 words, while Chosen is @111,000 words, which translates into about @72 pages more in length (by the standard 250 page per word old-publishing guidelines). That was not planned either, When I began Broken I was hoping I could get it to @100,000 words. I never expected any book in the series would surpass Chosen in length.

The Beginning of the Beginning…

Kaitriana says this phrase in Broken, and that is truly how I feel about this particular addition to the Ancients of Light series. As Broken developed, there were so many key characters and events that were threaded through the telling of Kylie and Sayer’s story that the book developed into the platform for what I now call the “deep drive into the nitty-gritty of the Prophecy.”

I hope you enjoy reading Broken as much as I loved writing Kylie and Sayer’s story. Thank you all for sticking with me on this adventure.





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