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Ancients of Light

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ancients of Light - FansGiving Day Sale

As an Indie Author, I realize that there is little I can accomplish without my fans and my readers.  I also know that so many of you want nothing more than to curl up with a good book after stuffing yourself tomorrow, and so as a way to say thanks and a way to help you accomplish that task, today I am offering the first three books in the Ancients of Light series for only .99 cents each.

Hopefully this will give you a chance to catch up with the Ancients and the crazy ladies of the Realm over the Thanksgiving holiday, and perhaps spread a little early Christmas cheer with those you know who made the Nice List that would also enjoy the Realm.  Everyone should have a little Lorcan in their stocking this year.

Thanks so much for all your support.  I hope your holidays are magical.


Free Kindle Books & Tips Blog - Featured Book of the Day - Chosen

Chosen is the featured book of the day over with Michael at Free Kindle Books & Tips.  Check out Michael's blog - here:

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cover Reveal - Mistletoe & Hollywood - By Natasha Boyd and Kate Roth

Mistletoe & Hollywood
 By Natasha Boyd and Kate Roth
Available for a limited seasonal release only starting Nov. 4, 2014

Featuring My Star, My Love (An Eversea Series Novella) by Natasha Boyd 

Movie star, Jack Eversea, has decided to brave his history with England and take the love of his life, Keri Ann Butler, home to meet his mother for Christmas. He’s been back in California and Keri Ann’s been busy with art school, and they are desperate to spend three weeks together over the Holidays.

 But Jolly Old England does weird things to Jack. And despite his super sweet “twelve days of Christmas” gift giving, Keri Ann can’t quite work out of he’s about to propose or regrets bringing her home. Is he still questioning whether she can handle a few paparazzi, or is he doubting Keri Ann’s commitment to their future?

The magnetic couple is back in a fun, sometimes poignant, and super sexy story about acceptance, love and how to make love quietly in a creaky old house with one’s mother down the hall.

Links to Eversea & Forever, Jack

Featuring: Many Times, Many Ways (A Desire Resort novella) by Kate Roth 

Vacation is over. Danielle was escaping her monotonous life at a sexy beach resort when she first fell under the spell of Hollywood hunk, Evan Weston, but now they’re trying to make their relationship work in the real world.

While they’re both hopeful for what lies ahead, the only question is whether or not their desires for the future are one and the same.

Things have always moved quickly between Evan and Danielle, but Danielle can’t stave off the lingering anxiety she has once she finds out about Evan’s big plans—and even bigger Christmas gift. Can she continue to let go of the worry that plagues her so the man of her dreams can give her the life she never imagined she’d have?

 Links to Last Resort & Best Laid Plans

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cover Reveal --Stronger With Him by JA Hensley

Title: Stronger With Him
Genre: Erotic Romance
Anticipated Publication Date: November 1, 2014
Author: JA Hensley

After breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, graduate student Rebecca Maio wants a man who is the complete opposite of her ex. When she meets her sexy new neighbor, Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to the powerful and compassionate man.

Agent Colin Schaefer's in town for an investigation and needs to stay focused on his job, but he can't ignore the beautiful girl next door. For the first time in his life, the elusive man wants more with a woman, but he can't shake the feeling that Rebecca also needs his protection.

Is their love strong enough to survive the secrets they're both bound to uncover? Or will her past and his job tear them apart?

This novel is intended for readers 18+ due to explicit and hot sex scenes and adult situations. If you love these kinds of things, then please, read on!

Add to your TBR

About the Author
J.A. Hensley wrote her first books under the pen name, Savannah Leigh. Her novel, Wedding Dreams, was named an Amazon Best Seller. She loves smut of all kinds and is a reader first. J.A. is constantly working on a new project, whether it's writing or working in her craft room. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter, and spends her days teaching college students about social work and human sexuality.

Books Published:
With This Ring (Wedding Dreams #1)
I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams #2)
Wedding Dreams (Special Series Collection)

Connect with the Author

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mistaken – When is it Coming?????

Most days I am afraid to open my email or look at the Ancients page because I know someone will ask me that question. 

Just kidding – I love you guys and your love of the series. I really do… and I really want to get Mistaken in your hands.

I have mentioned frequently on the Ancients Facebook page that Mistaken is epicly epic… meaning that it has turned into a ginormous writing endeavor. When I began Alia’s story, it was not my intent to write a book over 250,000 words.  Thus far Broken was the longest in the series, at @130k words (435 pages in print), but by the time all is said and done, Mistaken looks to eclipse that by well over 100k. 

(Qualifier – I am still in editing and rewrites on Mistaken, so it may end up being 300,000 words, or it may be 225,000, the final count is still pending)


Fans have been patiently awaiting an ‘official’ release date for the book.  Spring 2014 was deliberately vague, because as I saw the story evolving, I knew it would take longer than I had wanted to get the book into publication.  There are a couple of reasons for that – and I am going to explain.

From August 2012 to August 2013, I released the first 3 books in the Ancients series.  Forsaken and Broken were finished in that span of a year.  Written, edited, rewritten, edited…beta read, edited…  The process of writing and all of the editing and rewrites involved in a book that is over 100,000 words is no small undertaking.  Doing this while maintaining a demanding career, two young children and a reasonably sane household is nearly impossible. 

There was no reason to publish 3 books in the first 12 months of my writing career – other than I sometimes set unreasonable, arbitrary goals for myself.  I learned a big lesson and promised myself and my family that unreasonable, arbitrary goals were a thing of the past – after 6 months where almost every waking hour that was not devoted to work was spent sitting at my desk, ignoring my kids, my family, my life…basically my world consisted for my work-life and my Realm-life. 

After Broken was released, I did make a promise to my husband and my children, and a commitment to myself, that I would not go AWOL again. 

The Realm and the stories I am telling are incredibly important to me.  Writing is my relaxation, the part of me where I find happiness and a sense of worth that we often time do not find in our ‘real’ careers.  When I set unreasonable expectations and allow the goodness that comes to me from my writing to be warped into a huge life-stressor, I am not doing myself or my readers any favors. 

I intended to give myself 8 months to write/edit/publish Mistaken.  By that timeframe, it should be on your Kindles today. That was before I realized that Mistaken would evolve into a hugely involved tale, the length of TWO full-length novels.  So, I made a mistake yet again and committed myself to a timeline that made Mistaken into another bundle of stress.  This time, instead of writing/publishing/editing 2 separate novels over the period of twelve months, I am writing 1 book, that is fully the length of 2 novels, in 10 months.  Uh oh. I accidentally set an even higher bar to reach this time… it was soooo unintentional. 

That is one of the things that happens when you are new to the writing/publishing world and trying to learn it all.  ACK!!

So, what do I do now?

I believe in commitments, but I have conflicting ones here.  I have promised my readers Spring, and I have promised my family I will not neglect them again.  I am attempting to honor both.

Luckily, the rewrites on Mistaken are proceeding incredibly well.  Will I make the Spring date?  My current intention is to publish Mistaken on the last day of Spring – June 20, 2013. 

I ask for your continued patience, understanding that, like all Indie authors – I do not have the luxury to write full-time.  My job pays my bills and feeds my family.  My fun comes from writing these books and interacting with all you awesome people.  I need time to play with my kids and have family movie night.  I need to be able to continue to love these stories and these characters as much as I currently do.  In order to do that, I have to have balance… and I am still learning this balancing act. 

I continue to learn, so my writing is getting better.  I am learning to seek the help I need.  I have a fantastic editor now, and you have probably all met the various members of my Street Team who help promote the series.  I have the awesome Angel and fabulous Rebecca keeping things interesting on the Ancients Facebook page.  These things have all helped tremendously and allowed me to focus much more on working on Mistaken these past few weeks. 

At this time, I am very certain I will meet the June 20th publication deadline.  If it looks like the book will not be in its best form by then – if there is some crazy issue – I will absolutely push the date, but I will let you know well in advance.  I promise you that I will not release crap for the sake of making a deadline.  My readers deserve better… and so does Kat and crew. 

Thank you so much for continuing along with me on this journey. 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Author Spotlight - Grant Ansert

Today, I am thrilled thrilled thrilled (super-geeked... you got that, right?) to share a bit of time here at Fangs & Broomsticks with my good friend, Grant Ansert, to discuss his debut novel, The Mirror Man.

NYPD Detective Andy Thomas is called to investigate the death of a rapist in an alley. During the course of his investigation, he discovers that the death of the rapist has no medical explanation. Soon after, he is joined by FBI Special Agent Veronica Baldwin who has been investigating a series of similar deaths for the FBI for the past two years. As Andy and Veronica begin to close in on the suspect, nicknamed "The Mirror Man", they learn that another very evil man named Hesam is also pursuing the Mirror Man and plans to kill him if he catches him. As the investigation intensifies, Andy and Veronica learn that, although the Mirror Man was involved in the death of the rapist in the alley, he is in fact not guilty of any crime because he is an innocent pawn of Hesam. So Andy and Veronica have to make a choice. Do they do what is expected and watch the Mirror Man fall into the hands of Hesam? Or, do they do what's right and risk everything to help the Mirror Man gain his freedom?

Sounds awesome, right?

I am also privileged to feature Grant's first official interview. Settle in with your Witch's Brew - this is good stuff...

What came first, the title or the novel?

The idea came first. Usually, I get a central interesting theme or concept that I think will be interesting to readers and enough to carry several hundred pages of text. In this case, I thought of an extraordinary yet ordinary man who had a supernatural power to reflect the evil from a person’s heart back into his/her own heart. That concept brought about the title.

What inspired you to write The Mirror Man?

I am an avid people watcher (in a hopefully non-creepy way). I love going to malls, sporting events, and other large gatherings and watching people to see how they act, maybe even guess about their background. One day in mall here in Indianapolis, I took a seat on a bench with the other “Mallcontents” (the husbands who sit and await the return of their wives from shopping in a store- this is my favorite Sniglet, by the way) and began watching people walk by. Out of the corner of my eye, a lone man caught my attention. He had a coat on and a backpack strapped securely to his back. He walking along the periphery of the mall, shoulder practically brushing against the wall. I thought, Here’s a man in a very public place looking to stay anonymous. I began to wonder what his story could have been. By the time I was on the trip home, I had already thought up the storyline that perhaps he was a man who had something to hide and held an ancient secret. Within a few weeks, the story had taken shape and I was off and running.

Do you identify more with any one particular character in the story?

Anyone who knows me can tell just how much of me is written into my NYPD detective. His sense of humor, his rapport with other characters, and his peccadillos are all very much my own. However, I most identify with Mihalis, my Mirror Man. In so many situations, there are times when we feel trapped by circumstances, yet we try to make the best of what we’re given. One of the greatest compliments I’ve received as an author is when someone who has read my story tells me that Mihalis is their favorite character because of that reason.

What is up next for you?

Immediately, I plan to release the sequel to The Mirror Man this fall. The title is The Healer. I hope to release the third book in the trilogy, called Hologram, near Christmastime. During that time, I have two children’s/young reader books, Jeremiah & The Junk Shop and The Amistad Plant, which I plan to release. And, over the next 2-3 years, I have two other stories, Jesse’s Promise and The Contest, which are in various degrees of completion that I hope to finish and publish.

What is the one thing that helps you the most in your writing process?

The motivation to write stems from a need to escape from the worries/anxieties/responsibilities of life. I have a beautiful life, a wonderful family, a job I love, and friends and family who love me very much. However, we all need ways to get away and relax. And since I’m not much of a “Calgon take me away!” kind of a person, writing is my release.

Favorite book?

I am in love with the book I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven. She is a Pacific Northwest author, and since I am from Washington State (GO BREWSTER BEARS!) I had a college professor assign the book as required reading for an English class I took. And, my life has been changed for the better ever since. The book is about a Catholic Bishop who learns that a young vicar of his has terminal cancer and does not yet know of his diagnosis. Rather than send the vicar to a hospice somewhere, the Bishop sends the young man to his toughest parish- a Native American village in a very remote region. Within moments of meeting the vicar, the Native Americans sense what is going on (though they’re not told in advance) and begin the process of preparing the vicar for his eventual death without him knowing about it. The book does such a wonderful job of showing death in a different light from how so many other people view it. I often purchase the book as a gift for friends and family experiencing grief after the death of a loved one. Now, every time I pick up a book, the best that book can hope for is to be the second best I’ve ever read.

Favorite author?

Stephen King. No question. He gets a bad rap for his stories. He is seen by some as being a “weirdo” who writes strange stories. But, if you think about it, so many of his stories are regular life with a supernatural twist (mine are much like his). Think of how many books he has sold over so many decades of writing. Only quality authors can pull that off. He stands up for those of us who enjoy fiction. And, consider his impact on entertainment and society; Carrie, The Shining, Misery, The Green Mile, Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, and many others. I’m a big fan. Keep it up, Stephen!

All that authory-stuff aside, we must get to the very most important details that we care about here in the Realm. Favorite Dessert?

Sorry to get all mamby-pamby on you, but it’s a tie. No sane person could decide between my mom’s apple pie and freshly-baked brownies with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream melting on top. I mean, come on. Would you choose?

Flying Monkeys or Munchkins?

I have to say I’m a big ol’ member of the Lollipop Guild.

We love Flying Monkeys here in the Realm, but we will still be your friend. Congrats on your debut release!  

You can connect with Grant and find his books here:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Books for Company: Guest Post - SnowPocalypse 2014 - Survival Tactics...

Check out my Guest Post with Jodie - Witch's Brew and more!!

Books for Company: Guest Post - SnowPocalypse 2014 - Survival Tactics...: SnowPocalypse 2014 - Survival Tactics By Heather Fleener I have absolutely nothing profound to share today. The reason? Snow Day. ...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mistaken - Cover Reveal

Enemies by circumstance of Creation
Sworn to their purpose, the Vampire and the Witch
were created to battle over the fate of mankind.

He was the First
Until one Vampire sought a Higher Purpose.

She was the Beginning
And one Witch’s faith brought Darkness into the Light.

Their love would turn the course of the Ancient War…
Before the Prophecy, an Ancient Queen and the Vampire she loved
would forge the path for those that would follow.


Tristan liked that the witch was not composed enough to hide her shiver and the responsive widening of her eyes, but he did not like the apprehension he viewed there. He could not ascertain whether her tremble was due to terror or because somewhere, deep inside, her need rivaled his own. Having witnessed her bravery in their earlier confrontation, he tended to believe it was the latter, even if she was too inexperienced to recognize that truth. Intensely satisfied that he had her under his control - even if it was only for this short period – her closeness eased his raging, predatory instincts.
Leaning down to issue his gentle-toned inquiry, his breath stirred the tendrils of sun-bleached gold near her ear, “Do I scare you, Alia?”
Alia knew it was reasonable to be terrified; one of the darkest warriors within the enemy ranks had abducted her. Drawing back to look at him, she had no doubt that he was the stronger between the two of them. Those tips of teeth peeking from behind his upper lip should have her screaming in fright and begging for her life, but the longer she peered into that brilliant blue gaze, the more she calmed and her senses acclimated to their surroundings.
The sound of cascading water came to her, and almost simultaneous to that she felt an internal pull. Disbelieving, her gaze flit to the mouth of the cave. During her hurried inspection on arrival – her oversight most likely attributable panic - she had failed to identify its most extraordinary feature. Standing deep within the recesses, hundreds of feet from that opening, Alia had been mistaken in thinking that the overcast weather was responsible for the wall of gray visible beyond the entrance. Now, coupling her recognition of the sound with a second look, she realized that it was not a foggy haze but that a waterfall curtained the opening.
Those of her Caste were strongest when surrounded by nature’s bounty, which was why her kin settled within forests. It was also the reason they most often chose to bare their skin in a manner that was just short of improper. The feel of the rays of the sun and even the very wind against their flesh pulled at their magic. Understanding was in her eyes when they narrowed and shot back to him. It was obvious that he had been waiting for her to understand the significance of this location.
Her command over water and lightning was a new facet of Nature magic never before displayed by her kind, but her captor had witnessed her abilities firsthand. The more wild those elements, the more responsive her magic, and yet he had brought her here. His smug expression conveyed that his choice for her temporary prison had been deliberate and Alia was most certain that Tristan realized that her strength would be magnified being near such a powerful manifestation of one of the elements that she controlled.
Clever Vampire… Skatosita … She did not want to like him, but this one was making it rather impossible to relegate him to the pile of degenerate monsters that populated his breed. She had already determined that the Witch leaders were wrong in their assessment of his race. Rather than a rabid beast, Alia had witnessed the intelligence in this Vampire leader. During their first encounter, she had also glimpsed a side that suggested much more was lurking in him. Now he intentionally brought her to a place where she would feel strong, not powerless. A myriad of questions formed, and seeing her bemused expression, Tristan smirked and lifted a brow in invitation to speak her mind.
Her lone question was accusatory, “How did you know?”
Tristan refused to believe she was as upset with him as her tone implied, but he was not going to pretend to be something that he was not for the sake of charming her. Alia was a divine creation while he had been spat from the pits of Hell. He was resolute - between them there would be no skirting what either of them was, or the bloodied history between their breeds. For that reason, he gave her the truth, “I told you that we know much about the Witch. Your breed spills secrets from its lips as rain falls from the sky… and even was your Caste not of the same ilk, your kin reveal their secrets as willingly as all the others with the proper incentive.”
It sunk into her slowly what he meant by incentive, and she whispered confirmation of her understanding, aghast that he would broach the subject with her and have the audacity to gloss over it, “Torture.”
The word lingered between them and held no hint of question; the little witch had already convicted him. Tristan could have comfortably avoided the blatant confirmation, but he gave her a curt nod to make certain she had no room to doubt her conclusion. He did not want her young and fanciful imagination to make him into something more valiant than he was.
She did not move, but her eyes stabbed him, followed by words that were pious and clipped, “I would imagine, as a General in the Darks, that you are particularly adept at such practices.”
Alia was acting as though the Vampire were exclusive in their use of such abusive techniques. Her youthful innocence was endearing, but her illusions about the moral fabric of her leadership required correction. Rolling his eyes over her naiveté, his arms folded across his chest. The response he offered was calmly given, not defensive, “I am no more adept than your own leaders, Alia.”
There were rumors, of course, about the methods used by the Queens to interrogate the Vampire, but she had seen no such practice herself. She remained self-righteous, “I would not know, but I cannot think that our ways would be as twisted as those that the Darks employ and…”
Tristan snapped, leaning in, his sharp words interrupting her defense of her breed, “That is because you are young, Alia. You are foolish to believe that those you follow are so far above what I am and what I am required to do in order to fight this war.”
Starring at him for long moments, Alia realized that while she could allow his impatient interruption to push her into arguing, she was reluctant to fight with him. While she would not take his claim as fact merely because the handsome Dark proclaimed it, she would also neither ignore it. Many of her beliefs – beliefs that had been postulated as truths by her Queens – had been challenged recently, but she needed time and distance from him in order to form her own conclusions. The best choice was to move to another topic.
He had yet to withdrawal after those last words and his close presence was stealing her focus while her magic seemed to be coursing manically through her veins. The combination was leaving her feeling flushed and off balance. When she returned to his very first question, Alia was conscious that her breathy words most likely revealed too much of her attraction, “Should I be afraid?”
Tristan experienced a surge of triumph when she turned the topic rather than answer his harsh words in kind. The grin he gave her was a reflection of his pleasure and an entreaty to trust him, “There are parts of you that already know that answer…”
Leaning in closer still, it required only a small movement on his part to close the small gap that remained between them. The beauty did not retreat. Her nearness had his eyes shifting black while they lowered to observe the delectable pulse dancing beneath the sun-kissed skin of her neck. Still the witch did not move away…instead, her gaze was waiting for his when it lifted, and sparkles of magic blossomed there in response to his entreaty, “Listen to those parts, Alia… something inside you already knows that you belong to me.”
When she did not immediately deny it, Tristan could not help but wonder what it would be like to drink sunshine.

Coming Spring 2014

A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner: The Ancients of Light Series by Heather Fleener

A wonderful series review by Tiffany today, and tomorrow the Cover Reveal for Mistaken, Ancients of Light #4

A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner: {Series Tour} The Ancients of Light Series by Heat...: About the Ancients of Light series Chosen is the first in the thirteen books of the Ancients of Light series and is only the beginning o...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Great January Giveaway from I am a Reader, Not a Writer

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bookish: Chosen: Ancients of Light #1 by: Heather Fleener [...

My interview with Debbie at Bookish and her feature on Chosen is live today!  There is a fabulous giveaway - you can win a signed copy of the first 3 books in the series or eSets if you have not read them all yet. Debbie is just awesome, so run over and say hi!!!

Bookish: Chosen: Ancients of Light #1 by: Heather Fleener [...: Genre: Paranormal Publication.Date  December 12 2012 Pages: 307 Published By:  Scurvy Palace Publishing Website Heather Fl...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ancients of Light