Ancients of Light

Ancients of Light

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fallen, Ancients of Light # 5 - Release Date

The official release date for Fallen, Ancients of Light #5 is May 6, 2016.

Pre-order links will be available on Amazon February 8th and I will add them here and to the Ancients Facebook page and website.

My editor was able to find availability on her calendar to begin the editing process in March. I will work diligently with Kathy to finalize the edits as quickly as possible and if there is any chance to get it into your hands before May 6th, we'll definitely move the date forward.

Thank you for patience and awesomeness through the struggles of this past year.  Life is returning to normal and right now it appears as if I'll be back on an 8 month release schedule beginning with Ancients of Light #6.  I already have the editing time booked for later this year.

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