Ancients of Light

Ancients of Light

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Witch's Brew

Thanks to our fan Anne Chipman, today we are talking the very most important matters here in the Realm. Or not. There will be absolutely nothing profound in this post. 

The topic – Witch’s Brew. Just what did Kat have in that stuff?  

We will start with ingredients and accessories. Accessories? Yes! Do not serve Witch’s Brew in a red Solo cup. You cannot have Magic without the Sparkle (that is our mantra here in the Realm). For true magic there must be fabulousness in droves, and the occasional touch of ridiculous. If you do not have these things, you might as well go get a box of wine because your broomstick ain’t flying tonight, Chickie.  

Get your martini glass –the pretty one that would make the glitter on Dorothy’s ruby slippers look drab. Ribbon some yummy chocolate syrup around the interior. You will need a shaker. A plain old stainless steel one will suffice, I suppose, if you do not have one with bling.

3/4 oz Kahlua liqueur
3/4 oz Amaretto
3/4 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
1-1/4 oz Toasted Marshmallow Syrup
2 oz Vanilla Ice Cream

Combine all of that and shake. Put on some music and dance around the house while you do, because really, there is nothing like good brew and a booty shake. When you are tired - or thirsty - stop dancing and dump this wonderful concoction into your pretty glass. Now repeat (you must say it all three times to get the full magical effect)…“Nom Nom Nom.” 

But, wait, there’s more… 

Here is Ella’s version of Witch’s brew, referred to by Nicholas as the Schnockerdoodle. She is not as high-maintenance as Kat, but really, your martini glass should still look as awesome as this drink is going to make you feel. Think sexy…think string bikini scene…

Grab your shaker. Hopefully you have not drank too many of the above-recipe and can still find it. Now, dump all this stuff in...

1-3/4 oz of Rumchata
1-3/4 oz of Butterscotch schnapps
1 oz Kahlua
4 oz of milk (Skim works great, because some of us Witches prefer to get our calories from chocolate. If you want super-creamy, use half and half.) 

Shake with ice, strain into your glass and sprinkle the top with a little bitty bit of cinnamon sugar if you have it.    

If you don’t like coffee flavored liqueurs, try it without. It is just as yummy. 

This summer we’ll have more awesome fabulousness in the adult-beverage selection to bring to you from Kat and crew. Until then, indulge in some Witch’s Brew and get your sexy on.

P.S. One drink is one too many to hop onto your broomstick or in a vehicle. Please be responsible. In the Realm we are against drinking and driving too. If you are under the legal drinking age in your Realm, don't even think about trying these recipes. Magic doesn't sparkle behind bars.  


  1. I've been kept away from my portal to The Realm by a variety of mundane imagine my excitement to discover upon my return a prime reason to dust of the decanter and shake out the swizzle stix!!! lol I'm banishing my broom to the closet and settling down to sip on some ambrosia!! This weekend has just 'perked up' perceptively!! Thanks Heather!!

    1. I am so happy you found your way back, dear!! This post was in your honor, you know.

  2. Definately glad to be back ...and feeling Very Honored too lol!!


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